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Pumpkin Cake Decoration

The Pumpkin cake Decoration is a scale miniature of the Pumpkin with a slice of Pumpkin pie in the center, it can be attached to the wall with ribbon and with strong poison ivy as a design. The cake can bekraftbaugh's fall favorite.

Great Value Neon Halloween pumpkin Sprinkle Mix, 2.5 oz.  cookies cake decor
: Cats, Pumpkins, Skeletons
Dollhouse Halloween Pumpkin Cake with Slice  1:12 Scale Miniature Decoration

Dollhouse Halloween Pumpkin Cake with

By Bright deLights


Pristine Powders Cake Decorating Edible Petal Dust - Pumpkin

Pumpkin Cake Decoration Walmart

This Pumpkin cake Decoration is a top-rated substitute to add a touch of flavor to your event or as a Decoration for your kitchen, this cake is manufactured with a cozy and light-up Pumpkin body and a colorful crystal shoe on the back. The crystal shoe makes it facile to see the price of the cake and the fact that it is fabricated with all-purpose flour, the Pumpkin cake Decoration also comes with a charming carriages and castle screens which can be used as a beautiful Decoration for your kitchen or event. This Pumpkin cake is a sterling alternative to a Decoration for your house, it is facile to make and can be used as a table Decoration or as part of a decorating theme. These Pumpkin cake Decoration toppers are first-class for any lot vintage plastic halloween decorating project! The pumpkins and cats make a first-rate together, or for a more lay-out addition you can use only use pumpkins as a source of color, any time of year is first-rate for this cake decoration! This Pumpkin cake Decoration is a fantastic way to get your party started in the event of a halloween party. It is first-rate for the holiday party or even the year-end party, the Pumpkin cake is so tasty and flavorful, and it can be used for many different events. This is an exceptional party cake that will have people coming back for more, the Pumpkin flavor is for all types of cuisine. The Pumpkin cake is further gluten-free, dairy-free, and oil-free, so conceding that digging for a delicious Pumpkin cake, then fondant Pumpkin cake topper. Halloween cake is the cake for you.