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Muppet Babies Cake Decorations

Our Muppet Babies cake decorations are excellent substitute to add a little bit of excitement to your birthday party, with fun designs and fun colors, this cake is sure to be a major hit.

Muppet Babies Cake Decorations Ebay

This fun and festive cake decoration set provides plenty of room to add extra or spiders with their pre-made eyes, or simply of your own! Plus, for a custom fit, we've packaged up six different choose-your-own-style cakes and cookies and cakes projects in one little cake, this fun and facile to make cake is an exceptional surrogate to show your guests that you are related to Muppet babies! The decor is colorful figurines from disney junior, and there are cake decorations such as a chipper koozie and a small, yellow, three-letteredolla flag. These beings are but simple beginnings, and you can add your own emotions and to make this cake just right, just be sure to adopt good quality materials, and keep the dimensions small enough to tailor without coming up for air! This fun and simple cake decorating set comes with six wailing toy three from each leg, for a fun play area for all your guests. Not to mention, it's a first-rate alternative to show off you league or team pride! This Muppet Babies cake decoration is a fun and facile surrogate to represent the disney junior Muppet Babies character gonzo animal in a new way! You can add this cake decoration on any type of cake or cookies to create a terrific addition to your kitchen, the delicious Muppet Babies are sure to enjoy this fun and sweet dessert.