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Lily Pad Cake Decorations

Looking for a fun and festive alternative to set off your hong kong cake? Check out our talented team of writers and get started on your perfected creation! Our uncomplicated to handle designs are made from hard plastic and are fantastic for any event, plus, we offer a wide range of options for choices such as colors, designs or even coordinated pattern. We hope you will find our products helpful and entertaining in your next decision making.

Cheap Lily Pad Cake Decorations

Looking for a fun and cute substitute to add excitement and happiness to your tea time? Then evaluate our Lily Pad cake decorations! These frogs are sure to make your tea time more exciting, plus, they'll added a bit of fun fun to your tea time. These violet and green frog huggers will add a touch of elegance to your hong kong cake decoration, they are made of plastic and are little big for first time bakers but also make a top-of-the-heap addition to each frog baking project. This is a best-in-class gift for the Pad lover in your life! These will add a touch of grove on and happiness to your elsewhere vision, these frogs are drool and teddy bears is a nice touch. The frogs are made of high quality plastic and the teddy bears are made of durable materials also made of plastic, so together you have a wonderful gift that will make others happy, and you will be happy with the purchase! These 18" by 18" Lily Pad cake decorations are top grade for the hong kong cooker. They are hand-made from heavy-duty plastic and are covered in different colors of oil, theà-worthy trend of the year is coffee yearbook cake decoration.