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Cake Decorating Projector

Looking to add a touch of vintage flair to your store? Look no further than our cake Decorating Projector picture cards and manual, our beautiful and unique picture cards are top-notch substitute to add a touch of classic and contemporary design to your store. Plus, our team is passionate about happening up with you to create an unique design together, so please call us today for a free consultation.

Top 10 Cake Decorating Projector

This cake Decorating Projector picture cards and manual is for individuals scouring for a fun and unique substitute to decorate cakes, perfect for any shaped cake, this design tool also includes; picture cards with reproduceable designs, a troubleshooting guide, and more. This 70 s Projector is top-quality for cake decorating! It's uncomplicated to set up and is fantastic for larger project sizes, the project-sized size makes it top-rated for dual use, or for use in small spaces. The sf-1 is conjointly a sterling surrogate for presentations or cake decorating, cake Decorating Projector pictures and videos for sale. These cake Decorating Projector pictures and videos are cake Decorating employer and may be used to project pictures of all types of cake, from the delicate to the thick and to the glazed, the pictures are in both digital and original quality. This cake Decorating Projector peerless for projectors or home cinema systems! The sf-1 is a small, but powerful 50 inch Projector that can project up to 70 in, 39 ft) on 5 or for up to 150 slater cakes. The Projector also gives an 30 reach and is excellent for speaker systems or the case also includes a storage box for the Projector and baies, the sf-1 is exquisite for baking or storage projects.